Nairn Recycling CentreWe are passionate about recycling. Having provided recycling containers for our self catering holiday cottages since we started in 1990 we have become experts on what is thrown away and by whom. There are no class or wealth correlations as to what people waste and whether they recycle, in fact wealthy professionals can be the worst recyclers. They are well educated and can understand the environmental impact and should do better!

We are next door to the Nairn Recycling Centre which is clean, tidy and well run. However the Highlands of Scotland are a long way from the factories able to process the useful stuff. My only complaints are:-

  • The Highland Council does not allow local reuse of stuff.
  • It is 3 miles from the centre of Nairn and quite a bit blows off trailers enroute! All these journeys must reduce the environmental benefits.

I leave you with one thought, “However big the pile of sugar, however small the teaspoon, the sugar always runs out one day!”




Nairn Birder hopes to improve on this quick snap.

We were first alerted by the cronk cronk sound as the ravens flew over the croft. Yes, either a pair or a single bird has flown by on most days in the last three weeks.  We see plenty of rooks and crows, but the ravens are so much bigger and their primaries are obvious as they soar above us. It is the first time we have seen ravens here having lived near Nairn for over 30 years. This takes the birds identified on the croft to over ninety species.