Snowy beach

Nairn beach in winter by Bratach

Voted for by visitors, TripAdvisor lists Nairn beach as the best in Scotland, and 11th in the UK. Locals who know the clean golden sands will not be surprised. Even in winter it is popular for walking with a chance to watch the dolphins jumping quite close to the shore. In between the dog walkers (with their pooper scoopers) one sees kite surfers, sand yachts and recently a Dundee musician miming his song to camera as he makes his latest video. The other bonuses, apart from the safe swimming in shallow water,  are the views across the Moray Firth to the Black Isle and the fantastic sunsets. Holiday cottage Nairn is ten minutes drive from this beautiful beach where Peter goes swimming every year on his birthday!

Last of the sunset
11pm on a summer’s evening by Bratach.