‘The Long Walk’, this guy was out on a newly mown field in the middle of the day. The evening photo was taken earlier in the spring with an iPhone. Three fat babies and mum. Front view!

In the past we have seen a hedgehog now and again, probably not even every year, and that has been in the far corners of the fields. This summer a hedgehog has been ambling along the track by the holiday homes in broad daylight almost on a daily basis. I say ‘a hedgehog’, but I can’t tell one from another, so I must mark it with a dab of nail varnish to discover how many there are. What colour shall I use?

The other day we shifted the cover over the dung heap (it’s there to stop the rain leaching the nutrients out of the dung), and we found Mrs Tiggywinkle’s home with three fat babies! They must have enjoyed the warmth from the composting dung when they were little, but now they must be baking in the July sunshine. What great weather we’ve been having this year!

A smaller baby hedgehog has been seen several times by the caravan to the delight of the children. There must be another nest nearby. They should be great for reducing the slugs and snails in the garden.


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