Red roses from Africa are not an option here at Holiday Cottage Nairn so i thought i would see which flowers are blooming in the Highlands of Scotland today. But wait, why are roses from Africa a bad idea? Apart from the air miles, the locals from around Lake Naivasha have lost the best ground for growing their own food to mostly foreign companies who employ them to apply nasty pesticides without proper protection so they must then buy food and water.  Irrigation is lowering the level of the lake, pesticides are polluting it and most of the public access to the lake for washing clothes and watering cattle has been closed. The lake is dying. For the full story see Lake Naivasha Report

Nairn sky on St Valentine's Day.

So what did i find on a morning that started with a beautiful sky?

Laikenbuie whins and snowdrops

Laikenbuie whins and snowdrops
Hepatica, Jasmine and Heather
Hepatica, Jasmine and Heather

Holiday cottage Nairn posy

Holiday cottage Nairn posy

 And yes my beautiful wife made two lovely posies, and neither of them was for me!


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